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About me



My name is Yasmeen Green. I am a freelance lifestyle photographer. 


I found my love of photography back in 2015. I would spend my days taking photos of landscapes and family life. My brother playing around on his bike was my real drive. 


Travelling for me has always been exciting and the experiences are invaluable. Meeting new people and learning about cultures and history. So far my travel log is as follows: Portugal, Spain, Norway, France, Malaysia, Croatia, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Kuwait, Qatar, Andorra, Wales, Germany, Scotland, Gibraltar, Italy, Austria and Poland.


Sports is central to my lifestyle. I mountain bike, have a black belt in freestyle martial arts, practice yoga, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, bouldering, swimming, archery, skiing and horse riding and anything else that gets me buzzing!


I look forward to travelling further and capture more amazing moments. 


Sports | Landscape | Portrait | Social Media Marketing 


The Hills Are Alive Photography 

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